Urn Planter

Urn Planter

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Model # Top O.D. Top I.D. Base Height Weight
URN-17 17" 14" 12" 14" 4 lbs.

Poly Planters are available in designer colors
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Poly Planter Advantages

One-Piece Construction

Poly Planters feature one-piece molded space age polymer construction guaranteed not to crack, chip, or break.


Water and minerals cannot leach through the walls to stain the exterior surface.

Save Labor

Weigh 80% less than terra cotta planters, so they’re lightweight and easy to handle.

Save Freight

Costs 60% less to ship due to their light weight and nesting ability.

Manufactured in the USA

Delivery time in days, not months.


Poly Planters can be bolted to the ground to deter theft and vandalism.

All-Weather Capable

Poly Planters can be used indoors or outdoors and are unaffected by sunlight or freezing temperatures.