Color Options

Poly Planters are available in terra cotta and designer colors at no additional cost. Designer color orders must be prepaid and are non returnable. All designer color orders must include appropriate saucers. A minimum 4 week delivery time is required on all designer colored orders. Colors shown on this website and in the JAZ Poly planter catalog are for reference only, and all orders for designer colors should be made referencing color chips available by contacting JAZ Products here.

1 Yellow
2 Green
3 Orange
4 Dark Blue
5 Light Blue
6 Coral
7 Terra Cotta
8 Red Clay
9 White
10 Almond
11 Chocolate
12 Dark Grey
13 Charcoal
14 Black
15 Mauve
16 Burgundy
17 Brown
18 Sandstone
19 Light Grey
20 Blue
21 Red
22 Alabaster
23 Biege
24 Dark Brown
25 Pale Green
26 Mint
27 Dark Green
28 Country Blue